There are a quite a few different sound damping products in the market as well as offered by us. This article will help you make sense of them.

Each soundproofing product has a specific purpose it was designed for, or a function. To fully understand the need for these functions lets briefly take a look at the problems these products are aiming to solve

In each car there are multiple sources of noise – engine, tires on road surface, rain, other cars & motorbikes passing by and so on. We can group all noise in a car into 3 general groups – external, structural and internal.

  • External noise is sound waves travelling from an external source directly into the car, a passing by motorbike or a truck as an example
  • Internal noise – sounds of originating from within the saloon, for example rattling or screeching of some panels, as well as echo or reverb of the sound system
  • Structural noise is created by and transmitted through structure of the car, for example tire noise on road surface or gravel – if the windows are closed while driving it will be heard coming from the pillars near the doors or the floor of the car

All soundproofing products are designed to address one of these types of noise:

  • Sound insulators reduce external noise by reflecting it
  • Sound absorbers / dampers reduce internal noise by absorbing it
  • Vibration dampers / absorbers reduce structural noise or vibrations in the car frame by absorbing it