Our complete range of vibration dampers consists of two lines of products: Earth Line and Sky line.

  • Earth Line are our standard high quality vibration dampers that come in 4 various thicknesses.
    • Lite 1.6mm (light)
    • Iridium 2.0mm (medium)
    • Gold HD 2.6mm (heavy)
    • Quatro 3.8mm (double)
  • Sky Line is a premium combination of products with 3 various thicknesses. These products are 38% lighter than Earth Line and anything else in the market. On top of that they also provide a higher damping coefficient than equivalent class products in the market. Unparalleled. 
    • Mantle 2.0mm (medium)
    • Pallium 2.6mm (heavy)
    • Armor 4.0mm (double)

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