The DrArtex Advantage

We offer the most researched and tested car soundproofing products on the market. We spend hundreds of hours testing, to ensure our products are of the highest standards in quality and performance. Our aim is to improve driver and passenger health through better sound damping and car soundproofing. We believe that drivers should have more control of their on the road experience. We take the extra effort to ensure our products are non-toxic and will not harm our customers. All of our products are ISO and ROHS certified, so you don’t have to worry about any environmental hazards in your car soundproofing materials.


Our products are ROHS certified
and contain no toxic additives


We made sure that our products
do not smell by removing any
bitumen additives

100% PURE

No recycled additives to ensure the
product stability


High flexibility of our products
ease the installation and maximum
efficiency with tight adhesion


We feature some of highest mech-
anical loss coefficients in the market


Our products feature lowest weights
in the market


Multiple levels of quality control to
ensure you only get the best


We have researched and
scientifically tested all our products

Our Values

Agility – We move and adapt quickly to a changing market.

Knowledge – We know the global car soundproofing and sound damping market better than anyone else.

Innovation – We continuously innovate, creating new products.

Stability – Our business model is designed for long-term stability in an ever-changing market.

Quality – One of the most important factors to what we do is that we never compromise our quality.

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