RedWind 2017

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This simple product solves a number of minor issues by sealing the area around the doors:

  • Prevents air leakage to maintain integrity of the air-conditioning
  • Prevents dust from being sucked into the car
  • Prevents whistling noises caused by air leakage around the door
  • Improves the door shutting sound, making it sound softer
  • Prevents airborne noise from entering the saloon

Model 2018 vs 2017

We have recently released an upgraded model of this product:
The material formula has been improved significantly, as a result the force needed to tear the product has increased 10 fold, which allowed us to remove the aluminium wire used in previous model slightly reducing the weight. It is now covered in talcum powder to ensure it’s more slippery, which slightly eases the installation process as well as evens tension for better results. The overall compression resistance is the same as it was before producing the same effect.


Inside OEM rubber tubing around the door


Silicon & rubber composite cable


RedWind (4-Door) – 1 box x 20m
RedWind (2-Door) – 1 box x 12m

Technical Specifications

RedWind 2017 4-Door (download)

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 7 cm

12 Meters, 20 Meters